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A company’s size does not determine its security and compliance needs. Although not every company requires full-time information security resources, every company has to protect its sensitive data and comply with applicable regulations. A small company may have a greater security and compliance exposure than a large enterprise. For example, a healthcare startup may be handling Protected Health Information (PHI) data from multiple large customers, aggregately exceeding security and compliance risks of each individual customer. Virtually any business that deals with sensitive data has to have information security and compliance management functions. However, not every business requires a full-time staff to manage these functions.

Planet 9 provides the required help for managing information security and compliance programs effectively and efficiently.  

Information Security Program

An information security program is critical for ensuring continuous data protection and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. A mature information security program consists of several key components such as information security policies, risk management function, vulnerability management, and security awareness program to name a few.


Strategic planning is very important for establishing a successful information security program. It helps organizations efficiently manage information security budget by eliminating redundancies and prioritizing information security and compliance projects, as well as aligning the information security program with the company’s goals and objectives.

We help organizations develop and implement information security programs based on security and compliance risks and in line with business priorities.


Depending on a type of data that an organization stores, transmits, or processes, it may be required to comply with one or more regulations. Often, the company’s customers and partners have specific requirements related to data privacy and security. Developing a compliance program and continuously evaluating business processes against these requirements is the only way to ensure compliance.


Additionally, companies may be required or choose to demonstrate their compliance by undergoing periodic audits and certifications such as ISO27001, SOC (1, 2, 3), HITRUST, or other.


We assist organizations in establishing compliance programs, performing compliance evaluations, remediating compliance gaps, as well as developing and executing compliance roadmaps.

Security Risk Assessments

Following minimum compliance requirements does not protect an organization from all security risks. A security risk assessment is a continuous process of identifying applicable threats and vulnerabilities to systems and processes, analyzing resulting security risks, and addressing identified risks.


We use industry-standard frameworks, such as NIST 800-30, to develop and execute a repeatable risk assessment process.

Third Party Security Risk Management

When an organization engages in a vendor or trading partner relationship and entrusts its data to the entity, it is critical to ensure the other party can adequately protect the organization’s data. A data breach, even when the partner is at fault, will affect the organization’s reputation and balance sheet.


We perform on-site or remote security assessments of vendors and business partners to help organizations ensure that their data will remain protected while in the third-party’s possesion.

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